October was a very large month in terms of new Gacha games. There was a test phase for Wizardry Variants Daphne, Cat Fantasy, Girls Frontline 2 – which was very poorly received and subsequently delayed, I have a video on this if you’re interested. And a whole lot of other, more “cultured” games released.

Honestly you should check last month’s video to see what came out – so you can keep up to date. You’re not gonna wanna miss those.

Unfortunately, November doesn’t look nearly as good as October, with less Gacha games launching and much worse quality Gacha games launching. 

Reverse: 1999

I know, I know. But Stix, Reverse: 1999 released on October 26th, not in November.
Trust me, I know. This is one of my most anticipated Gacha games of the last several months. But at the same time, I feel the need to bring this to the attention of as many of you as I possibly can, because this game looks unfathomably incredible.
The game takes place throughout time, slowly moving you back further and further through history as the world slowly implodes unto itself, erasing events year by year.
It features turn-based combat, which I know isn’t for everyone. The character diversity is astounding – you’ll need to experience this first-hand to really understand what I mean, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the voice acting is superb.
Again, this game released on October 26th.

Sky Fortress: Odyssey

Sky Fortress: Odyssey is a steampunk fantasy RPG set in a world with a unique blend of technological wonders and mythical elements. It features a very extensive narrative, some great quality character models – at least in terms of portraits.
There are dozens of different characters to recruit, exclusive weapons, according to the devs, there is also “multi-dimensional character growth” that is directly affected by unique weapons and hidden talents. Not entirely sure what that means.
In terms of gameplay, it features bullet-hell modes, parkour, multiplayer modes for cooperative play. You get to manage your own base – your ship specifically.
Pre-registration is currently open and available for interested players. It also apparently gets you up to 100 free pulls as well, which is always good. The game is releasing on November 16th.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

I actually covered this in October, but apparently the release date got pushed back a little bit into November.
Nevertheless, Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains is a strategy card game with RPG elements that is – and I know this is going to be a shocking revelation to a lot of you, but – based on the Anime and Manga of the very same name. Featuring Kaneki, and the cast of characters looking exactly as they did in the Anime.
Break the Chains will feature fully 3D characters and animations, supposedly has over 30 characters from the original series, allows for the building and maintenance of bonds with respective characters, PvP and more.
Pre-registration is currently open for the title, with a release date confirmed for November 9th. And, much like the Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul that can smell their prey from a mile away, you can smell the stench of a cash grab from the same distance.

Phantom Blade: Executioners

Phantom Blade: Executioners is one of the most unique Gacha games I’ve played. I’m not used to horizontal side-scrolling beat ’em up style games, but this one really stood out to me. Maybe partly because the combat was so fluid. Maybe partly because I just hadn’t really played any games like it, I dunno.
It functions like most traditional RPGs – you have Chapters and Missions, you deploy a single character, cycle horizontally through the zone murdering dozens of overpowered enemies. And.. that’s pretty much it.
It has a unique setting, a very unique aesthetic. It looks and feels like you’re reading an old Chinese scroll.. but it’s moving. It’s difficult to explain. It’s actually kinda fun though. Not the best game I’ve ever played, but definitely one I’d spend a few hours in per week just to see what happens.
Phantom Blade: Executioners launches on November 2nd, 2023, with pre-registrations currently open and available. It’s playable on Android, iOS, PlayStation via the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store.

S class Heroine

Honestly I know absolutely nothing about this game. I wasn’t even aware it was releasing until I found it about 10 minutes ago.
From what is listed on the Google Play Store, S class Heroine is an.. auto-play? Idle RPG where you travel throughout various different timelines, meeting different versions of yourself. I know, it’s a very weird concept but I’m going with it.
You recruit a ton of Waifu’s – it literally states there are special features for “raising an S-class female character!” It functions just like every other Idle RPG, has some alright graphics, decent character models.
I wouldn’t anticipate this game doing very well as it doesn’t seem remotely close to the quality of any other Gacha in this list. Pre-registration is currently open with a launch speculated for November!

Dark Clan: Squad

And finally.. Dark Clan: Squad. Yet another Idle RPG, where you collect over 60 heroes, craft an unbeatable team – as long as you have deep wallets, and let the game play for you while you play other, more interesting Gacha’s. Like Reverse: 1999 or Phantom Blade: Executioners.
Like S class Heroine, pre-registration is currently open and available, with an expected release date in November. Although I wouldn’t anticipate either game doing good. At all.

And that’s everything. All of the Gacha games slated to release – either fully, or into some form of test phase, this month, at least that I’m aware of. I probably missed one or two, that’s bound to happen with more obscure titles.
And with the rate new Gacha games are announced and released, it’s all but guaranteed. Nevertheless, these are the main games I’ve been following.
I cannot wait to fully invest time into Reverse: 1999, I think Phantom Blade: Executioners will have a niche audience but likely won’t do very well, and every other game will release an end of service announcement in under 12 months. But that’s just me.