Elpisoul – also known in Chinese as (星落) is a semi real-time tactical development RPG where the player takes control of an expedition team, fighting against the devil.

It seems as though the game is a horizontal, side-scrolling idle RPG from the gameplay I’ve seen, yet labels itself as a “tactical RPG.” The goal of the game was to provide players a “JRPG-like” experience, with a deep narrative, turn-based combat system and cute chibi graphical style.

A Global release has not yet been confirmed and is speculated to be releasing in 2024.

If you want to pre-register for upcoming test phases, pre-registrations are open and available via Taptap.


Cloud Ghost


Hainan Fun Interactive Entertainment


Upcoming – Global Speculated – Release should be in 2024


A semi-real-time tactical development RPG in which the expedition team fights against the big devil along the way.

[1] Expedition: You are the captain. So, please.
[2] Big Demon: A powerful and beautiful being. Maybe she could be more than an enemy.
[3] Semi-real-time tactics: For the purpose of this description, it refers to semi-real-time battles that focus on pre-war strategies.
[4] Development: This game contains card drawing elements and the development system has a clear sense of purpose.
[5] RPG: The heroic role-playing of the expedition leader. Slightly J-style, but not completely.

This time, it is a shining story of hope and courage.

Elpisoul Pre-Registration

Elpisoul is a brand new upcoming horizontal idle RPG - where you deploy Husbando's and Waifu's as part of an "Expedition team," fighting against demons. The developers tout a "semi-real-time tactical system," but what we've seen shows an idle RPG with characters...